Wild Animals Management Diploma Course


With inhabitants of individual and creatures increasing, there is improvement in the communications of man and creatures. The result of these communications is the control of untamed creatures by qualified crazy creatures managers. Wildlife control is the manipulation of untamed creature communities and their environments for the benefit of both humans and crazy creatures.

Learn how to handle Wildlife creatures in any global setting with Times Business University Degree in Wild Animals Management. This diploma course specialises in teaching members about the health and well-being of untamed creatures and their natural settings. It is developed especially if you has an interest in crazy creatures and atmosphere, while still creating abilities to care for, handle and handle a variety of untamed creatures.

Amount course is developed if you want to further their abilities within areas of untamed creature control, to work as a member of a team providing care and control of, crazy creatures, and to give support for senior control or junior workers in a captive crazy creatures creature atmosphere.


This Degree can provide members with a broad-based understanding to crazy creatures control that will be applied to all types of untamed creatures around the world. This Degree aims to provide learners the necessary abilities to determine and consider ways in which crazy creatures and its atmosphere will be protected.

This course also covers a variety of untamed creatures topics with a focus on crazy creatures control, crazy creature behavior, crazy creatures health, crazy creatures atmosphere and conservation, and so many more.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this diploma course, you will be graced with a Wild Animals Management Degree, and will also be able to:

  • Develop effective control plans for crazy creatures and Control nuisance creatures.
  • Provide guidance regarding the creation of laws related to crazy creatures.
    Preserve the habitat and food of untamed creatures who are threatened by individual growth activities.
  • Ensure that hunting is conducted in the healthiest way for the hunted dog’s inhabitants.
  • Manage and deal with sick, hurt or aggressive crazy creatures.
  • Provide assistance and information to the public concerning crazy creatures and its interaction with individual communities and growth.
  • Enforce the necessary policies in any area to make sure that people do not endanger local crazy creatures.
  • Monitor, identify, perform, supervise the enclosure and construction of untamed creatures facilities and maintenance needs, and assist in planning and creating of future crazy creatures operation programs.


Students need to be 18+ to enrol on this course.


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Study method

Online, self-paced


40 Hours


Wild Animals Management Diploma

Awarded by

Times Business School

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